an image Priyesh grew up in England just outside of London in a town called Dagenham. As a young lad he played football (soccer) and rugby at his secondary school and also began playing football for the Central Park Raiders. Priyesh began biking with his mates at a closed down BMX dirt track and eventually, in his teenage years, started biking everywhere; to college and work, racking up approximately 30 plus miles in a day on his mountain bike.

After moving to the US Priyesh continued to play football, both indoor and outdoor, within the North Texas Soccer Association leagues and has also been riding the area DORBA mountain bike trails. After sustaining a few knee injuries playing football and having surgeries throughout the years, he has since retired from playing football competitively.

Although not a strong distance runner anymore, Priyesh still enjoys competing in local 5K events benefitting charities and other local organisations, and can also be found getting dirty at an occasional mud run obstacle course as well as riding his bike on one of the area bike trails.

Priyesh plans on entering into his first triathlon with Team Cambridge in 2013.