an image Richie grew up in a competitive environment playing select baseball and ice hockey. After graduating from high school, he dove into mountain bike racing. Several race series wins later, Richie was ready to step up to another challenge. While attending Texas A&M, Richie saw the Hawaii Ironman on television and knew what his next challenge would be.

After getting married and taking some time off, Richie attempted his first sprint triathlon, where he placed second in his age group. From then on Richie was hooked. He has been involved in triathlons for barely four years and with several overall race wins Richie plans to continue his pursuit to achieve professional status in the 2012 season.

Richie is Team USA qualified for 2012 and plans to be an overall contender in the elite amateur division at a national level. Richie truly enjoys racing and everything else involved in it. If it wasn’t a fun and challenging thing to do, Richie probably wouldn’t be doing it!