an image When she was young, Robyn took dance and gymnastics to stay busy. She attended a small private school in New Orleans, Louisiana. Due to the size of the school, she was able to play many of the sports the school offered. Robyn’s parents were founding members of the New Orleans Ski Club, so she also spent her vacations skiing in the Rockies, where she fell in love with the mountains.

Robyn attended The University of Mississippi, where she graduated with a double major in psychology and sociology. She went on to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from LSUMC. Robyn then worked at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans. That was where she met her husband, Bruce Fitzgerald. Robyn and Bruce have three children: Patrick (her bonus child/stepson), Ian, and Megan. Robyn continues to practice nursing in Dallas and she is involved in medical/surgical mission work outside the country.

Robyn has been involved in triathlons since 2005. She completed her first full Ironman in 2009 (Florida), and after completing the Pikes Peak marathon in 2010, decided to go back to Florida to complete the Ironman once again in 2011. Robyn has had a difficult time sticking to just one sport over the years, so the sport of triathlon is a perfect fit for her!