an image Scott Whitten is a licensed coach with USA Triathlon. He coached his first triathlete in 1993 and has coached all levels of athletes up to Ironman distance. Scott also coaches runners and cyclists. Coach runs the RCSC Performance Lab, the leader in exercise physiology testing. He coaches at the Cycling Performance Center of Dallas.

Coach Whitten is an expert in training with technology (power meters, GPS units, HR, and Impulse Response Systems). Coach Whitten was named Director of the Junior National Skills Camp in 2008. He is committed to helping amateur and professional athletes achieve excellence in performance through the application of the latest science, state of the art technology, and training philosophy learned through years of experience.

As a teenager, he competed in his first triathlon in 1987 and has raced all distances. He was a distance runner for Baylor University and road for the school cycling team where he won two SCCCC Criterium Championships. He is still a top age group triathlete.

As a coach, he’s mindful to look at an athlete as a whole person. He excels at designing custom programs starting at the athlete’s current level that evolve as the athlete improves. “It’s important that a coach learn as much as he can about you as an athlete and as a person in order to better develop a successful plan. No two athletes are the same and I learn something new from each one. The longer I get an opportunity to work with an athlete, the better coach I become for them.”