an image Trip Littleton is a native of Fort Worth and lucky to be stationed here as an active duty Marine KC-130 pilot at JRB, Carswell.

He earned his B.A. at the University of Arkansas in Fine Arts and during his senior year felt the calling to serve his country. Trip has served honorably for 10 years and is looking forward to a transition into the reserves later in 2012.

Trip grew up primarily as a swimmer and mountain biker but found his calling in triathlon after college. With just over 10 years competing in all distances, he still feels fairly new to the sport.

After a brief vacation from triathlon for seven months with the grunts in Afghanistan in 2009 and 2010, he slowly returned to racing.

In 2011, work obligations took his race schedule to well below acceptable levels. But, with a great group of guys and gals and a new season on the horizon with Team Cambridge, Trip is looking forward to the 2012 race schedule as well as a chance to get to know some great people.

Trip is proud to be on the team and is excited about the 2012 season!